Interested in applying for In-Home/Long Term Care Services?

All In-Home services are provided after a comprehensive COSA assessment is completed to determine needs and eligibility.

Why get an Assessment?

In-Home and Community-Based Long Term Care Services include:

Adult Daycare

Caregiver Support Program

Personal Care

CHC Waiver Program

Home Delivered Meals/Senior Suppers

Protective Services

Assessment Procedure

Mental Health Counseling

Community-Based Long Term Care Services and Supports

Care Management

Nursing Home Transition


Apply for Services: (You have 4 choices)

  1. Online: Apply Now
  2. Call Information and Referral - they can complete the intake over the phone. Call 610-490-1300 or 1-800-416-4504
  3. Complete Online, Print, and Fax the application to: (610)-490-1500.
  4. Complete Online, Print, and Mail to:
    • Delaware County Office of Services for the Aging
    • 1510 Chester Pike, Suite 250
    • Eddystone, PA 19022
  5. Print blank form to complete and mail or fax later (see above for fax and mail information)

Adobe Acrobat Reader is free software that is required to print and view these forms. Download Acrobat Reader.

What Happens Next?
You or the person you are referring will be contacted within three business days (does not include holidays and official office closings) through the COSA Assessment Unit.

Not a resident of Delaware County? 
If you are not a resident of Delaware County, for further information on other services for older Pennsylvanians and their caregivers, including home-delivered meals, insurance counseling, senior employment, senior community centers, and caregiver resources, please call Information and Referral at 610-490-1300 or visit

If you are experiencing technical difficulties with the form (i.e., not being able to submit or print the form), please call 610-490-1300.